Monday, May 24

Battle Creek

Before the drive through Ghost Canyon (no, didn't see any Warren ;o) ), I went partway up a county dirt road I came across somewhere S. of Rockerville...the road runs along Battle Creek, another new spot for me to have a look-see...

Battle Creek...

I have a real hard time getting clear shots of this little buggar, always way up above me in the best guess is it's a (update 5/31) warbling vireo. If I could just get a clear shot of it more at eye level...had the same problem last year.
Turned out there was a mate nearby...

The Mt. bluebells are in bloom, fairly common through-out the Black Hills...

Another Western pine elfin (hairstreak) was spotted...

If a woman screeches in the forest and no one hears her, did it really happen? I'm not afraid of snakes, really, but the startle factor when I almost stepped on this slithery fellow and it moved, caused me to go Eeeek!

I love the way bare oak trees look with their web-like network of branches...someone's got a nest in this one, possibly a woodpecker.


  1. I haven't seen any snakes yet, but last summer I almost stepped on one too, while picking blackberries. I have a hard time distinguishing an Eastern Wood-peewee and an Eastern Phoebe sometimes!

  2. Jann,
    Again we view the same things, I like how your lanceleaf bluebells and mine from spots apart in the Hills are so similar.
    Is that Battle Creek before or after today's gullywasher?

  3. I saw my first snake Sunday afternoon. Fortunately he wasn't under my foot, but slithering across the road. He disappeared into the weeds before we could get stopped. Gorgeous flowers! Great shots of the uncooperative bird!