Friday, May 21

Trout, Elf, and a Lake

Thought I'd post a few misc. photos that I managed to not share earlier this month...

The Huz and I visited the D.C. Booth Historical Fish Hatchery, (appropriated in 1896) in Spearfish, recently...there's an underwater viewing area...Huz put his hand out there for perspective on how big that trout is.

I omitted this hairstreak butterfly accidentally when I posted other butterfly photos recently...tiny like the blue best guess is that it's a western pine elfin. I love the intricate pattern! Spotted in Vanocker Canyon.

When I took the photos of the Myrtle warbler and chickadee last weekend, this was where I was hanging out above Pactola Lake...that's a T storm threatening...I drove further south right into it...

I hope to get out and about tomorrow despite the threat of "isolated" thunderstorms...this means it's a total gamble as to where exactly the rain will pour...if it isn't pouring here, I'll risk going out 'there'. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That is a cute little butterfly Jann! Hope your weekend is nice and dry. We had an awful downpour this evening, probably rained 2 inches...the driveway looked like a creek, and the creeks looked like rapids afterwards!


  2. Hi Jann.
    A nice selection of photo's on your latest post.