Saturday, May 15

'Flies and Flora

I'm combining wildflower photos I took near Wind Cave on the 8th, with photos of butterflies I took yesterday in Vanocker Canyon...sorry Featherheads, not a single bird shot yesterday...

The darkthroat shootingstar has a unique shape, and is one of the early spring wildflowers to appear when I'm about to jump off a cliff...just in time to cheer me up and restore hope that the warmer weather has not forsaken me forever more...course I'm still waiting...snow's gone, nice sunny weather yesterday but only in the 60's, today some rain, overcast, 50's...SIGH...

I think this is a question mark butterfly, vs. the comma.

Peek-a-boo...a Nuttall's violet. Violets are real small, except the prairie violet, which is blue and a bit larger than its cousins.

One of the blue butterflies, Spring Azure? It's tiny and not interested in showing off the tops of its wings...

Another early spring wildflower, the star lily, in the Wind Cave area.


  1. More than happy to see your 'flutters' and spring flora.
    Has the snow departed at last?

  2. That Shooting Star is lovely! You have taken some beautiful butterfly and wildflower pics!

  3. Hi Jann.
    Love the floral photo's, how beautiful.
    There enough to make you smile, and feel good.

  4. Love your butterfly photos.

    I like the native columbines too. Such wiry, tough little things.

    How far away is the big move?

  5. Great to see some of your butterflies Jan, Keep them coming!