Wednesday, May 19

Girlie Grosbeak Visits!

Well woo hoooo!!

I got up this morning, trudged into the kitchen, and went to open the vertical blinds on the sliding glass door...glanced out into the back yard and saw this totally new visitor to the feeder! I dashed for the camera, fumbled with the settings, all the while thinking the bird would be gone by the time I got back to the window...but luck was smiling down upon me and the bird stayed put for several minutes while I snapped away. Also fortunate was the lack of sunshine, meaning no glare on the glass I was shooting thru. I had to dig around in the bird guide twice to find that this was a female black-headed grosbeak! I do have a crummy photo of a male I took last year in Vanocker Canyon, but this is the first female I've seen.

Finally! The South Dakota state flower, the pasqueflower, is in bloom. They grow on gravelly broken hillsides...I found a few along the road that leads to Pactola Lake's boat ramp area on Sun.

Another yellow-rumped warbler (Myrtle), at a turn-out above Pactola Lake on Sun...last year I didn't come close to getting photos of this bird though I'm pretty sure I did see a few. This year, I'm getting photos...go figure. I know, I know, welcome to the wacky world of bird watching.

Also seen above Pactola Lake, another curious black-capped chickadee...this little chap came quite close for a moment...I had to step back and unzoom the lens some...very endearing how they come close and peer at you, even though I know there's no sentimental reason behind it.


  1. Well done Jann - always good to get something new on your feeders, a little cracker of a bird!

  2. Nice photo of the 'girlie grosbeak' Jann and the lovely pasqueflower.

    I found a Wood Thrush on my doormat this morning, he successfully recovered from colliding with a window. I've been trying for years to get a nice photo. I took advantage of the situation this morning!