Thursday, May 13

$&@?#! White Stuff

Yep Wanda, I took that photo of the Brewer's blackbird (yesterday's post) in one of our poplar trees yesterday morning, and the above photo too of a house finch...we had about four inches of snow on the ground, plus more fell that didn't stick during the day. On May 12th. This is the latest we've seen snowfall in the six years we've lived in SD, but then we have seen two snow blizzards in early May. UGH.

Sigh. Well, I'm off to eat breakfast, then I'm going to look online at RE for sale in Florida...the Huz's and my latest pasttime...


  1. well that makes me feel a bit better, knowing it's colder somewhere else :-)

  2. Oh, no! It is May afterall. Poor baby...stay warm...

  3. I was hoping that photo was left over from winter, Jann! I bet you can't wait to move...I'm teasing, I actually love snow, but it is time for spring, right? It's been cool and raining for several days here!


  4. I can't believe it is still snowing there...This winter and spring sure has been different here to...When summer hits it may be so hot we can't stand it...take care Jann...