Thursday, May 14

A Curious Red Squirrel

Mr. Squirrel here was as curious about me as I was about it! I turned off of Nemo Rd., NE Black Hills area, today to have a look around, something I do a lot of naturally when hunting for a photo op or ran up the tree when I drove by, and when it was safely above me it had plenty to say about my intrusion.
When I first moved to South Dakota, I knew I wasn't in 'Kansas' (or the NW) anymore when I saw my first red squirrel. In California, where I grew up, and in Oregon where I lived sixteen years before moving to S. Dakota, the squirrels are grey.


  1. I love the photos of this adorable squirrel!!

  2. the (european?) red squirrel is also a native of the Scotland (Great Britian) and is both timid and charming. This species is being 'bullied' by the interloping Grey Squirrel; taking over habitat. There is now a campaign in Scotland to 'save the red squirrel'. A species worth saving. Lovely photo.

  3. We are clearing land in SD right now. Camping on our property. On a break from thinning some small trees, one of these red squirrels came down, just 1 tree away. Maybe 15 feet between us, eye level. He looked at me for almost a minute, then started showing off, up and down trees, over and over, stopping to look at me. Cute.