Sunday, May 3

Custer Park Cruise


The star lily (right) of the lily family was a surprise to see this early in May. I hope this means that the plant-life growing season is on target, unlike last year when it was two weeks behind.

This is the Northern gooseberrry blossom. We also have black currant, golden currant, red currant, swamp currant, and another gooseberry, all of the grossularia family. Whew.

This wild plum shrub is over five feet tall, and the thorns are two inches long. Not a plant you want to loose your balance near and fall into! It is from the rose family.


This bighorn sheep ram seems old and tired, but how could I know for sure? It has the largest set of horns of the herd that it was in the midst of, right by the side of the road.

Finally, a photo of the yellow-bellied marmot! That rhymes with varmit, and that they are...very hard to get a photo of, too, as they are quite flighty. This one is at the entrance to its den.

The new spring babies are cropping up like dandelions in Custer Park. There appears to be a favored "nursery" area of the wildlife loop for the buffalo calves.

There is also at least one new burro foal in the "bandit" bunch...
check out those tiny hooves! This little one's ma was showing it how to block vehicles from passing, in search of people snacks. A few seconds later, ma's nose was in my window.

And the birds continue to be out and about...(below) this robin and Mt. bluebird seemed to be enjoying the breeze from their neighboring fence posts.


  1. I love the photo of the birds!! The marmot was looking right at the camera! They didn't want their picture taken did they!

  2. Love the pic's....Believe it or not, this Southern Bell has been to North Dakota..Saw lots of Buffalo,but somehow I don't think it's the same....