Sunday, May 17

Sunday in the Park...and Beyond

Before heading to Custer Park yet again...I can't help it, it's the magnetic pull...Jayne and I stopped at a wayside park near Hot Springs, where we saw many pretty birds, none of which I could get a photo of. This little butterfly was kind enough to let us take photos, though. It was flitting around among the chokecherry blossoms.
Later, it seemed as though all the wildlife in the park had been instructed to make themselves more easily visible and to try to wow the crowds today, since the park entrance fee was waived this weekend. Two white-tail deer were doing their part along the wildlife loop.

In one spot we found a small herd of buffalo right on the roadside, including a few calves. This fella still has a bit of umbilical cord attached and its
horns are budding.

Of all the trips through Custer Park, this was the first time I've seen buffalo in water. There were 4-5 buffs cooling off in a pond by the road near the east entrance to the wildlife loop. With all the people around, a ranger was on hand keeping an eye on things. When the buffs started moving out of the water, he cracked a whip to move them across the road away from all the on-lookers.

Finally, a decent photo of a turkey, though I'd love one with the tail feathers open. Even the gobblers were out and about and seemingly a bit less nervous today.

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