Thursday, May 28

Violet, Iris, Clematis, and Larkspur

More blues! The prairie violet is harder to find than the longspur violet, and the Northern bog violet is the least common...I saw all three today! This is the prairie violet.

The Rocky Mt. iris is just beginning to show up, probably the most showy of the blue flowers in the hills.

The low larkspur isn't very abundant in the area, but can be found here and there.

The rock clematis was growing all over in one spot along the trail in the E Hills today.

It was great to get up on the trail again after many months...this is just a small bit of what it looks like. The dirt road that leads to this trail is just a few blocks from our house. The Black Hills are covered in off-road trails.

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  1. Wow..looks like you hit the jackpot today! Beautiful!!!