Thursday, May 21

Fuji Wildflower Macros

While out and about last weekend, I took along my basic little digital Fuji camera, since taking macro shots of real small flowers with the DSLR camera doesn't work so well. I got this close-up of the Nuttall's violet with the Fuji FinePix A900, and the photo below also. Jayne and I were pretty excited to see that some of the pincushion cacti have blossoms! Last year, we found one cactus with one aging bloom on it, the last of the season, and didn't get any good photos. We've waited about ten months to see these blossoms! The pincushions are very low to the ground and small, and not so easily seen, but we know of a hillside in Custer Park that has the Mother Lode of pincushions!

1 comment:

  1. Nice Macro shots! I love that pincushion! Can't wait to see them in full bloom!! I will be taking plenty of pictures..not just one or two! Hahaha