Sunday, May 24

Some Whites: Gilia and Gumbo

The ballhead gilia was on my list of flowers to find. I'd seen it in '07 but didn't get any good photos. It loves the dry, cracked clay soil of the Badlands area. It's from the phlox family.

This was a big find from the top of my wish list...the gumbo lily, from the evening primrose family. We came upon this flower in just one area just south of the Badlands, the same area of dry cracked clay earth. These flowers bloom, turn pink, and fade in less than a day.

This is the textile onion, from the lily family. We saw plenty of the onion growing in the south Badlands area. Nodding onion is another wild onion in the area, and both were used by Native Americans for food and medicine.

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