Sunday, May 10

Saturday in the Park

Right: Roughlock Falls, Little Spearfish Canyon

My original plan was to go to Roughlock Falls and continue on up that road in Little Spearfish Canyon, an area I enjoy finding wildflowers in. But once we got to the falls and saw all the big patches of snow still on the ground in the area, we changed our game plan. Besides, the road was closed beyond the falls. I took the falls photo w/o a tripod, lucky it came out as well as it did considering.
We decided to take hwy 385 south to the Wind Cave Nat'l Park area, which is immediately south of Custer State Park. We found wildflowers, buffalo and...coyotes?! Two coyotes were hanging out with two buffalo, and the buffalo seemed totally unconcerned. One buff looked pretty old and we wonder, did they sense that it was on its last leg? Whatever the reason, on the many drives I've taken through either park in the past five years, this was the first time I've spotted any coyotes.


  1. What beauty you are surrounded by....I can't imagine snow still being on the ground, But I live in Georgia...It's hard to imagine snow period......

  2. As always, your photos are inspirational as well as spiritual; I'm jealous that you've seen coyotes. With all the traveling around the US this is one of the more alusive animals I've not had the pleasure to view. Good for you.

  3. I still wonder what those coyotes had on their minds!