Friday, May 22

Shootingstars and Mt. blue-eyed Grass

Yesterday, on a whim, I drove up Hidden Valley Rd. at the west end of Rapid City, less than 10 miles from home...I'd been up this road before, during winter, taking photos on an icy day. I pulled over by a dry, rocky area when I saw the silver bladderpod (photo, May 18) spread all over. The darkthroat shooting star, a primrose, was blooming there also, looking a bit wind-worn. Finally, a red flower!

The Mt. blue-eyed grass is from the iris family...I saw one, just one yesterday...the flowers are actually quite small and not easily seen. This is the first blue flower I've seen so far.

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  1. You really made a haul on your sidetrip on Hidden Valley Road yesterday! Lots of color!!