Thursday, May 7

Mom's Quilting

My mom is working on a second lap quilt for me. (The first one she made me is a gorgeous autumn-colored creation in the Yellow Brick Road pattern. We found much of the fabrics for it together, when she and dad visited from N. Calif. in '06.) This 2nd quilt has been quite the labor of love...first we looked at patterns and fabrics for ideas when she and I met in Denver, and took a SW road trip to the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon in UT, in early April of '08. Then, by the time she and dad visited in Sept., we had settled on the pattern, called Martha Washington (above) and I had bought some fat, we poured over those, went to quilt shops and bought a few more fabrics. Then, I bought still more fabrics and shipped them all to her. I want most of the 24 squares to have unique fabrics. Mom recently made up the first nine squares and mailed them to me for my opinion. As you can see, I've got nothing to complain about! I LOVE this quilt already! At 82, Mom is far more creative than I could ever hope to be ~ she also knits and does needlepoint. I cannot wait to see the finished masterpiece!


  1. Beautiful! Your mom does awesome work on the quilting she does!

  2. I really like 'simple' and traditional quilt patterns; the mixture of color combinations is vibrant and alive. This labor of love from your mom is a deeply unspoken expression of her feelings. How truly blessed you are. Looking forward to seeing it when its finished.