Tuesday, May 12

Ol' Blues and Patchworks

A gal's bluejeans are like an old friend, esp. that one pair that actually, by some crazy miracle, fit just right. Today I'm 'retiring' this ol' pair of just-right jeans with a touch of sadness. They've seen me through many photography outings. They're thread-bare and the inside seams are threatening to let go any day now. Still, I'm going to miss 'em. I couldn't remember where I'd bought them, but by sheer luck, yesterday I found them at Kohl's. I bought two pair.

This is the Yellow Brick Road lap quilt I mentioned earlier, the autumn-colored one my mom made me. The photo doesn't do it justice; the colors are deep and rich. Just thought I'd share. I'm feeling a bit sentimental, can you tell? Maybe because I've had three days in a row that were reeeally positive, nice days...not something that happens real often and I'm so grateful.


  1. What!!!No one told me me we were supposed to retire ratted out jeans.....

  2. What a beautiful quilt....even prettier in person! :)