Wednesday, June 24

Birds with Yellow

I about fainted when I saw this bird, near Angostura Reservoir in the far-south-eastern corner of the Black Hills yesterday. I knew it was a cedar waxwing, my first sighting and one that I really wanted to see. I actually held my breath and got out of the car, walking under the tree it was perched in to get the sun in a better position. It's a good thing I did, as my photos before I moved didn't come out as well.

This pretty bird moved closer so I could get better shots...I've managed to find it online, a yellow-breasted chat. It was one of many birds I heard singing at Cascade Springs/Keith Park Tues., in the far southern part of the Black Hills. The park has many different trees and a small creek running through, a bird paradise.

Well the beak is yellow! Why is it that the most common birds, easily found, are also the easiest to get a decent photo of? Geesh. Ok, robins are birds too but not very exciting.

I also found a yellow warbler in the little bird paradise of Cascade Springs. I must've heard over a dozen different songs there, exciting and exasperating at the same time, since I'm sure I didn't see most of what I heard.


  1. I envy the wonderful beauty you see every day..........

  2. Great shot of the Chat! I am still looking for one of those that's willing to pose. And, wow, the Yellow-headed arch enemy. Great stuff!

  3. The wax wing one of my other favorite birds..your birds of yellow are very nice!! I like that you set a theme for some of your posts..a fun way to present!!