Thursday, June 18

Some Clovers

After I picked Ruby up from the Honda shop, cameras in hand, I headed south for "the park." I had a nice outing, got many nice photos of flora, feathers, and fur...will eke them out on my blog a day at a time, starting w/ the clover... the yellow sweetclover is always abundant, but is extremely abundant this year due to all the snow and/or rain we've had...clovers are from the legume family.

The red clover looks pink with the yellow sweetclover as a background.

The alsike clover looks like white clover, esp. at a distance, but up close you see it has a tinge of red.

I'll say it again...every time I go through Custer State Park, I see something new. Me and a few other drivers stopped and watched as a male prong-horn antelope came running from a distance towards another male antelope close to the road, trying to chase him away. The chase crossed the road to the other side right in front of me. Some guys are so territorial. Notice all that sweetclover in the background. It's everywhere.

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  1. The countryside is beautiful with the sweetclover being so plentiful this year!