Monday, June 22

Crested Pricklypoppy and Scarlet Globemallow

The crested pricklypoppy has petals that look like crinkled tissuepaper, and the petals are up to 2" long each...very pretty, showy white wildflower. I saw a few in bloom during my last commune with nature, last week. It's always exciting to see them again.The scarlet globemallow was also in bloom, in Custer Park, when I last visited. It's one of only two orange wildflowers in the Black Hills; the other is the wood (tiger) lily, which is darker. So, any orange wildflower really stands out. I'm seeing much larger, healthier clusters of the globemallow this year, no doubt thanks to all the winter snow/spring rain.

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  1. The prickly poppy is so pretty...and it almost looks like it was NOT being blown about in the wind...could it be?! LOL LOVE the deep orange color of the scarlet globemallow! Beatiful! It looks so healthy and vibrant compared to what we saw last summer!