Tuesday, June 30

Seeing Red

The twinflower is a pip to get a photo of; they're tiny flowers, from the honeysuckle family. They're growing on the mossy rocks in the shade along Roughlock Trail.

It's always exciting to see one of the orchids in the Black Hills! This is the striped coralroot, also seen along Roughlock Trail Sun. There's also a spotted coralroot, which has white spots instead of the stripes.

The cutleaf anemone is from the buttercup family. It runs from white to a deep pink-purple, which I've only seen one of, last year. (See May 30th post.)


  1. I can click on your blog, hear the music, it starts... I see the beautiful photography and I am transformed.....Perfection....

  2. What are you using for camera gear? None of us got good photos of the twinflower!
    Will post video of the dipper that my daughter got so you can see him.
    I looked for coralroot, but missed that one, lucky you.

  3. I love your pictures and your layout. Brilliant! I'm thinking you would like my daughter's water colors which you can view at http://onewingoriginalwatercolors.blogspot.com/
    She hasn't up-dated too much in the last little while because she's been editing a couple of my manuscripts, but take a look.
    By the way, her mother (I'm not Tracy's natural father) is also from California ... Woodside.

  4. Queen, such a lovely compliment, thank you so much!

    Warren, thanks!

    Caroline, I still use my point-and-shoot Fuji digital camera for macro shots of small flowers. It's a FinePix A900.

    Dave, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I visited Tracy's blog, very nice!

  5. I am sitting here on my enclosed back porch with my laptop singing your wonderful flute songs!! I have just read several of your posts..thank you for the english rose pic..such a nice gesture!
    I love all your seeing reds, especially the cutleaf anemone and the post showing the little chippy..they are just too cute, as you said.
    You take wonderful pictures and I envy you all the four legged creatures you saw and captured with your lens in your side bar!! Your selection of birdee pixs are just amazing and you got such personable shots of them!! I think the kestrel is one of my favorite birds..wonderful shot. Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I enjoy your comments! Have a great 4th..out there in those wide open spaces!! ;-)