Tuesday, June 16

Ruby Vee is Under the Weather!

I don't have a photo of my poor baby at the Honda hospital, not that I'd want one. So here she is near the rock spires on Needles Hwy in Custer Park in April...tonight she's getting minor fixes and will be home tomorrow morning. Am I the only one who becomes so attached to her vehicle? I mean, where would I be w/o her? She has taken me faithfully and w/o complaint on many bumpy, unpaved roads the two years we've been together.


  1. Thanks for your visit! The fish story has been kind of popular in these parts....

    I'm enjoying the photography on your blog.
    I've never lived in the midwest, but I did spend 13 years in Alaska which I assume would be pretty much the same story!

  2. Sorry to hear your car is in the shop...hope its back on the road soon!