Sunday, June 28

Roughlock Trail and Falls

Friend Jayne and I headed out bright and early this morning for a visit to Roughlock Falls. That means a drive through scenic Spearfish Canyon, N Black Hills, turning into Little Spearfish Canyon and walking the mile-long Roughlock Trail that winds through the woods and along a small, narrow band of wetlands. The first photo, above, is of 'Ruby Vee" in Spearfish Canyon.

We took a short detour off the trail to the water's edge, and I spotted was a female mallard and her four chicks. They were too far away to get a better shot.

A little chipmunk was nibbling on some tidbit in the woods along Roughlock Trail. My 2nd opportunity to photog. a 'munk. They're just too cute.

I'm still trying to get a great shot of Roughlock Falls with the water streaming affect. With part of the falls in shade, part in sun, it didn't happen today. But it was so nice to see the gorgeous falls again, and to see the area so green and lush. There is also a lower part to the falls, a secondary fall that is wide and shallow.


  1. It was a great day for a our outing....its always a pleasure to experience Spearfish Canyon and the Roughlock Falls area!!

  2. We were in Spearfish Canyon yesterday too! Walking the same trail, taking similar photos, also still trying to get good photo of Roughlock with that sunshine and shadow thing. We had 3 cameras with us, no one was happy with results.
    Did you see the dippers? We spotted several, not good photo setting though, one was bathing energetically in among the willows just upstream of the beaver meadow.

  3. Stunning scenery J'ellen. That chipmunk is just so cool!

  4. Hi J'ellen,
    The 'munk is awesome! As I've never seen one in real life, I always think of them having Chip 'n' Dale personalities and voices :D
    It was good to have a look around. You have some very nice photos of beautiful animals and birds.