Saturday, June 13

First, the Wildflowers: Honeysuckle, Arnica and More

When I hit the road, a lot of the time I'll take little detours just because...this morning I went partway down the 5 mile side road to Silver City, stopping at a wayside park in a gulch to look around. I discovered one Tatarian honeysuckle shrub, my first sighting. It's an escaped cultivated flower.

I found more blue columbine today, in the same area off the road through Vanocker Canyon as I found my birds (below).

The meadow sage is another escaped cultivated flower, and another on my to-find list! It's from the mint family, the only of several mints in the Black Hills that I had not found yet. There was a whole bunch of it growing along someone's dirt road in N Vanocker Canyon.

I'd given up on finding the heartleaf arnica where I saw just two or three last year...they're only occasional, not abundant by any means. I found a handful in a spot on a county road out of Vanocker Canyon when I stopped to look at something else.

Aww look, the ox-eye daisy is blooming! So far this year, Vanocker Canyon is the only place I've seen the daisy, at the north end.


  1. You have a beautiful blog happening here! I linked to you from "barbed wire and roses" blog.

  2. Thank you so much Jeannelle!

  3. Great wildflowers. I love the blue one. It looks like a Salvia? Very pretty. I bet hummingbirds love it.

  4. Blue Flax, honey Suckle and Oxe-eye daisies all have place in my garden J'ellen. lovely post from you today.

  5. NWNN, Thanks!! You're right, what is commonly called "meadow sage" here has the scientific name of "salvia pratensis."

    Warren, thank you too! Neat to know that some flowers are so far-reaching. I look forward to seeing what others we have in common.