Friday, June 26

Moths and Dragonflies

This pretty white moth is a Virginian tiger moth! I didn't think I'd be able to look it up online due to the huge number of moth families, but I found a useful was just standing on the paved walk in front of a convenience store at a gas station off Hwy. 79, where I sometimes stop for a morning snack on my outings. I hope it flew away and didn't get stomped on!

I found some pretty bugs at Cascade Falls Tues. This pretty red-orange (actual name) dragonfly seemed to be holding on for dear life to this dead plant stem, what with a good breeze blowing it around.

I had a hard time getting a shot of this white spotted sable moth .. as it was in a real leafy red osier dogwood shrub and didn't stay still for long.

This twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly was harassing the red-orange one, causing it to leave and stealing its post.

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  1. more great photo's J'ellen. That 12 spot must look stunning when it flies!