Monday, June 1

Spearfish Creek and Lupine

Ah, the silvery lupine is in bloom! Such a pretty flower, and it grows all over the Black Hills. I took this shot in the NW Hills area.

The rare times I drive along Hwy. 85, which cuts across the NW Black Hills area, I'm startled by how it looks like a wetlands area...when it isn't covered in snow. Now, it's so green and lush, and unique from the rest of the hills (except for the small wetlands area at Roughlock Falls). But this "wetlands" runs for miles where Spearfish Creek flows. In winter, the skiiers and snowmobilers play in the area.


  1. All we needed was some wildlife to make the wetlands scene complete! LOL

  2. It would seem you've captured a photo of a broken beaver dam in your wetlands photo; how cool is that. When you pass by this area again maybe the dam will be repaired and you can share that with us. It's a lovely spot of the world; I can hear the sound of the water just looking at your photo. Thank you. aegk