Wednesday, June 17

Starling, Mt. Bluebird, Turkey Vulture

Since I can't get out to hunt photo ops, I'll share more photos from the 11th, the rainy day I went to Custer Park...

This European starling didn't want to pose, but I thought this was a kinda neat shot of it flying off, esp. the cute curled "toes".
This male Mt. bluebird's color is paler than I've seen; is it because he isn't fully mature? Or maybe just a variation.

This female Mt. bluebird, like the male, was on the fenceline in the wildlife loop at Custer Park, a good bird-watching spot.

The turkey vulture is u-ugly...a face only its mama could about two of 'em?

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  1. This spring a Mountain Bluebird had Ohio birders all a-flutter. Nice to see photos of one in its natural habitat.

    Now if we could get Bison!

    Great photos,-