Saturday, December 26

2009 Blizzard #3 in the Dakotas

The first two blizzards were this past MAY...Remember this photo from yesterday? That's looking into our backyard to the right...our snow storm turned into a full-fledged blizzard later on...

This is what it looks like least we don't live in SW Lead in the N Hills; they got 37.5 inches of snow as of this morning...this I'm showing you is drifted snow from the 50 mph winds...

And this is looking to the left, opposide side of the back yard...that tiny spot by the bare shrub at the bottom of the photo is a dark-eyed junco...I didn't take the feeders out, I threw seeds out the back door!

And this is looking straight down from the front window, onto the snow drift that is several inches above the bottom of the window...the area in front of the door doesn't look much better.

Not that anyone plans on coming over for a visit. The Huz is stuck at the fire sta. another day, no surprise there...earlier he reported that he'd been out shoveling chest-deep snow, UGH...blizzard isn't supposed to end until tomorrow, either.

I have friends, and a brother-in-law, that live in Florida, and I have a suitcase...why am I still here?! Oh, right...the airport is no doubt closed...and I forgot to buy a dog sled team...


  1. Now that's a lot of snow! Makes me cold just looking at it. ;)

  2. I hope you've got lots of food in the house Jann, looks like you'll be holed up there for some time!

  3. enjoy the snow - California needs water - oh, that is right, your water does not run to California. Just cold, below zero every morning here. Good Luck.

  4. Hi Jann.
    Love the garden snow photo's. Like Warren says, Hope you have a good store cupboard. That is some snow you have got yourself, makes what we had look like nothing.

  5. And I'm whining about a foot of snow. Can't imagine 37-inches dumped all at once.