Monday, December 7

Finches Keep Grinches Away

Yesterday I was able to sit on the edge of the guest bed looking out the window at the flock gathered only a few yards away, in one of our two poplar trees out back. They didn't seem to care that I was sitting, or standing, so close taking photos...too busy hunkering down against the cold winter weather I would guess.

There were mostly house finches, their two-tones looking very deep and...well, wintery...

...There's always one character in the bunch who provides the comic relief...sometimes unwittingly...

I was excited to see a few American goldfinches too...

...And a few dark-eyed juncos were hopping around in the snow searching for food.


  1. Your new header is beautiful...well more rugged than beautiful but very striking. We aren't seeing as many house finches as in previous years. Disease perhaps.

  2. Jann,
    You must be just loving this weather:o)
    Doing Feederwatch yesterday I had a mixed flock of house finches, goldfinches and pine siskins numbering between 30 and 40, I should be Grinch proof by your standards,

  3. Wonderful header photo Jann...The Finch and Junco photos vere great...loved the snow on the beak...I almost said nose, but caught myself. We had snow yesterday, but this morning it's gone. Enjoy your week Jann!