Thursday, December 31

Rough and Sharp

Ok, I'm almost positive this must be a rough-legged hawk...I saw lots of hawks Tues. when I went for a drive E of the Hills, on dirt roads out in prairie farm/ranch land...

A tree full of sharp-tailed grouses...I've seen them flocked in a tree before, kind of funny-looking since they're related to prairie chickens and I picture them on the ground, like a domestic chicken...

Further along I found a couple sharp-tailed grouses (Greese? Grice?!) that were slow to react to my presence...

Not the sharpest sharp-tails in the shed, I managed to get a few photos until eventually it dawned on the pair that maybe I was dangerous...first, they sort of mosied away from me real careful-like, then flew off.


  1. Wonderful, sharp bird images - and that Header is best of all!

  2. Sharp tail, rough legged...birds do have descriptive names...glad we don't do that to ourselves!

  3. In northern NY where I grew up, the ruffed grouse are known as partridges. Stretching it a bit with sharp-tails, I'd say you snapped a great illustration of "a partridge in a bare tree" :o)
    Best New Year wishes, I always look forward to what views of our Black Hills you have found