Saturday, December 5

Gawking at Hawks II: Make that a Falcon

The second bird of prey I sighted on Friday's drive was a pretty little American kestrel. The first kestrel I ever ID'd was from poor, too-far-away photos taken this past March, on a grey day...this was the 3rd time I ID'd a kestrel this year.

This little falcon (9-12") actually let me snap its photo; so far this is the best shot I've gotten of a kestrel.

...And just like the ferruginous hawk in yesterday's post, eventually the kestrel got fed up with the unwelcome company, and flew off...


  1. That kestrel, almost looks dainty, sitting on the wire...not at all like a bird of prey!

  2. That Kestrel looks so cute, all fluffed up! Very nice photo.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the "sparrow hawk." We have a lot winter near here and they are sure fun to watch.

  4. We have a little kestrel that patrols the fields and roadsides where I work. I think they are the prettiest hawks. Used to have one on the farm but the larger red tails drove it away.