Tuesday, December 22

True Thanks Tuesday

I've taken alot of photos lately of the house finches outside the spare room window (see Dec. 7th post)...they were hunkered down for days while it was in the single-digits and teens...it was warmer the past few days and they were gone, but this morning it looks like this outside again, ice crystals on the bare trees...and anything else...so I'm looking to see if they return...

I don't really have any 'true textures' photos for today...I could dig some up from the past I'm sure but I'd rather say thank you to all of you who have posted comments the past few weeks since I last said thanks...Ken, you certainly made me smile and almost blush; I'm happy to see you visit...I was really happy to see all of the comments with Sunday's post. Thank you to those who commented on my not-so-pretty bighorn poaching post yesterday. When you visit a small state park as much as I do, it's hard not to become attached to the peaceful, beautiful animals there. In the end, I refuse to let some horrible, demented idiot ruin my little slice of heaven. So I'm putting it behind me and look forward to my next visit in the park, as usual.

Thanks everyone, for being such great cyber friends!


  1. Poor little finch look so cold.

    It's hard not to get upset when we hear about stupid, senseless killing but I agree with you. We need to put it behind us.

  2. Your Finch photo is unique looking Jann, he does look like he's trying to stay warm.

    Thank you for having a great blog Jann.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. That wooly spruce is great! Hope the spider web can hold the tension of the snow...Merry Christmas to you and Family.