Tuesday, December 29

Snowy Stuff

The sun is out, I should be out looking for photo ops...maybe I will go somewhere not far but for some reason I'm not overly in the mood...so here's photos taken yesterday of the back yard and a block over...

This house gets quite the snow drift around the front and side of it...

The house finches still come looking for food...this one has quite the 'do...

The juncos still visit as well...

This sworlly snow pattern is between the glass door and the screen.


  1. I so understand not wanting to get out and about..it is in the teens here and is to drop to below 0 over night. BUT there are always our little backyard birdees to keep us busy with feeding and watching! Been catching up on your earier post..so sorry about your ram loss. How horrible..do hope what goes around comes around for some nasty individuals. Love your little snowmen and decorations..and of course your smiley breakfast. lol Hope you don't see too many more winter storms but some how I think we are all in for a lonnnnng winter. ;-)

  2. I don't know what is prettier, your photos or your new background!

  3. It is so pretty there with the snow and the birds..But when there is a lot of snow I stay in to.. until I can't take it anymore..