Friday, December 4

Gawking at Hawks I

It's a sunny, unwindy day, temperature is soaring to about 30 today (after a frigid, windy +17 yesterday) so I took a drive E on Hwy 44 to Scenic and back, knowing that the area between Rapid City and the Badlands (another 30 miles E of Scenic, which is just a bend in the road) a good area to see birds of prey.

This ferruginous (?) hawk, presumably a dark-phased one, was the first raptor spotted...I had to get out and take a few steps off the road and closer to get a shot without branches across the bird's head...

So of course, after getting a couple shaky shots in, away it flew from the crazy, encroaching human.


  1. I've never been able to get very good photos of birds, except those at our feeders. My husband saw a hawk on our deck earlier, it left to quickly for me to see!

  2. Yea, I know birds like that Jann, they sit still all the time there's a branch in the way!