Thursday, December 17

The Other Wildlife seen Saturday

After seeing the bighorn sheep ewes near the E entrance to Custer Park on Sat., I came across a couple rams and more ewes at the NE end of the wildlife loop.

I also saw a few black-billed magpies along the wildlife loop but they like to keep their distance normally.

And I saw a few adult mule deer does, besides their heavily coated fawns that I posted Tues.


  1. Hi Jann. It has just started to snow again here but nothing like your conditions. How will the sheep and deer cope if you get more snow? Frank.

  2. Hi Jann,
    You've captured the wildlife wonderfully. That ram is awesome.

  3. Jann, Thanks for the heartfelt comment...I've let so many things bring me down lately...I've missed your beautiful photograhy and your snow...Beautiful!!!

  4. I love seeing the big horn sheep. Haven't ever seen on in person. They are magnificent.

  5. I'm trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. I'm hoping to have more time next year. The doe in the snow pic is outstanding, but they are all perfection, as usual. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! BJ