Thursday, December 3

'Shroom Hunting

The only thing we successfully hunted on the day I went deer hunting with the huz, was these mushrooms we came across while traipsing around in the woods...

A very orange 'shroom, growing into the pine needles and grass...

White-beige smooth shelf 'shrooms...boy, say that ten times real fast...

Frilly 'shrooms with soft fuzz on them...

And another orange 'shroom, with a sprinkling of broken pine needles.


  1. Love,love,love shroom pics..they are my favorite thing to photograph..I guess they still grow in winter, huh????they are so pretty,you got some good colors..My favorite one is the frilly one...take care Jann..

  2. Like Andora, I love the frilly one too Jann...the last one looks like a fancy pancake with slivered almonds on just needs some maple syrup!

  3. It must be "moist" in that region. I always love the shape, texture, and colors of fungi - great snaps!

  4. Nice fungi shots Jann, are any edible ? be carefull!!