Sunday, December 20

Duck, Duck, Goose

Friday I headed out for a drive up Hwy 44, and did an impromptu stop at Canyon Lake at the W end of Rapid City. I'm really glad I did, cause besides the usual residents there were some neat surprises...

Right off I was greeted by this bold-looking fellow, his green head beautiful in the sunlight...

A curious snow-white goose peering up at me on the bridge...sorry, no hand-outs...

Of course these guys need no Canyon Lake and many other public lakes, they're common year-round residents...

There are greater white-fronted geese (eastern region) and white-fronted geese (western region)...this looks like the guide photo of an imm. white-fronted goose...whatever they are they're common at public lakes...

Among the usual residents was a flock of common goldeneyes! These seasonal visitors were hard to get close enough to for a decent shot, but once I'd been on the bridge for a few minutes, a few ventured closer..

And a few buffleheads were sighted too! Their irridescent heads shine green and purple in the sun...

...And just down the road, I took a quick look-see at a dog park,  where a red squirrel was skittering around in the snow.


  1. beautiful as always - I really like your new header pic - take care, and drive carefully on those snowy roads. marge

  2. Hi Jann.
    Just been admiring your photo's.Traced you from Warren's blog
    Love the Bufflehead, any chance you sending some over here to England.
    Your photography is terrific.Keep it up. I will look in again.

  3. seems we are indeed having similar winter wether Jann, I bet it's a lot colder where you are though! Love that mallard photo, and those goldeneye, well done!

  4. Jann,
    You always see the neatest creatures..and your photos are delightful. I wish I had more open ground to in the burbs can be annoying sometimes..being able to get in your car and take off and find these guys must be quite fun! I esp like that golden eye and buffelhead. Wow!!

  5. Hi Jann. Nice to see species I recognise. You definitely got closer to the Goldeneye than I can ever achieve. FAB.

  6. Hi Jann.
    In reply to your comments on my blog. If I am going to be stalked by someone it might as well be a beautiful woman.

  7. Doing CBC today, took similar pictures at Canyon Lake, figured to blog those, do you suppose we shot the same things like we did at Spearfish Canyon this summer?
    I am still trying to get good pictures of buffleheads and whistlers, too.

  8. I hadn't seen a golden eye or a baffle head in this area. Beautiful birds.

    Jann, wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.