Tuesday, December 8

True Textures Tuesday

Last Tuesday one of the texture photos I posted was of the Western virgin's bower, taken in late November...this is actually the plant's fruit stage, gone to seed...

In late July, the WVB vines are blooming with white flowers...

And in late Aug., it looks like this, covered in achenes, the fruit stage. This photo was taken in '07, the first year I became really involved with wildflower photography, my first love with photography. Believe it or not, this is from the buttercup family.


  1. We have a similar plant here jann. Its called ''old mans beard'' or ''travellers joy''

  2. Sorry Jann, been away far too long.
    Beautiful wild climber which like its cultivated cousins makes a good show with the seed heads into winter. FAB.

  3. How lovely in every stage, but I do enjoy that August flowing look.

  4. I wonder if Virgins Bower is hardy in my zone. It is very similar to Sweet Autumn clematis which I love.

  5. Absolutely stunning..I LOVE textural pictures! I am going to take a look at this plant and see if it will grow in my zone!!