Wednesday, December 23

Eve of Christmas Eve

It's looking a lot like Christmas today...three days now of fog and ice crystals bejeweling everything outside, and this morning it's snowing lightly...

Neighbor Donna's young spruce is looking woolly...

...The house finches are back wanting food again...

...layers are forming on the gas grill out back...

...Even a once invisible spider web is now visible under the front porch...

...Snow is piling up on the ice crystals, which makes the branches bend under the weight...last year the top of this poplar tree broke off ,but it grew back fast and tall...

...A frosty pattern on the neighbor's chain-link fence...

Inside, the tree has been decorated for awhile now...this Santa ornament belongs to The Huz, from his Mother-in-law years ago...

The stockings are hung by the chimney with aunt knitted this stocking for me when I was a small three older siblings also have them, each with different patterns...

There's my cheerful little snowmen collection on the buffet, their bright faces seeming to say...

Wishing You All a Love-filled, Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow is Christmas for me and the Huz, as he works at the fire station on Christmas Day...that's ok since I prefer celebrating Christmas Eve! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, you're the best!


  1. OMG,weren't those frost crystals neat!

    I prowled around the yard again taking some of the same photos you did (spruce trees,chainlink fence, spiderwebs)!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve, and thank you to the faithful firemen and police officers who keep everyone safe during Christmas.

  2. The snows all but gone here jann, but it was very christmasy while it lasted!

    Have a very peaceful christmas.

  3. Hi Jann.
    Merry Christmas to you and you other half. Have a great day.
    Nice photo's

  4. Your frosty snow is beautiful really does have a bejeweling effect on the spider web and it looks like perfect frosting on the tree limbs. Snowmen are a favorite of mine!

    My feeders are swamped with Finches today, they seemed to have doubled in number lately.

    I have one licensed fireman g/son and one junior cadet fireman g/son!
    Have a Joyful Christmas Eve with your Fireman Jann!
    Everyone gathers here Christmas Eve too!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Jann. I don't think we will now see any snow for Christmas. Your surroundings look fabulous.

    Wishing you and all those around you a splendid Christmas. Cheers Frank.