Sunday, October 4

Another Mystery Flower ID'd

This post is really for my friend Jayne... This pretty flower has been growing scattered around the Black Hills as long as I've been here (5 yrs), and this year there was clearly an increase in its population. I knew it was a legume but it isn't in my 'Botany Bible' a.k.a. 'Plants of the Black Hills..." I figured it was a cultivated escapee, but then the 'Bible' does include wildflowers that started as garden flowers. Aaaaanywho, I came across the flower in the Nat'l Audubon's Field Guide to Wildflowers (Eastern ed.)...

It's crown vetch, a.k.a. axseed! Means little to you, but I am soooo happy to put a name to it finally! It's a rainy, overcast day...we had our first frost two nights ago...time to pull out unused spring/summer pics, I say...I've got chili simmering on the stove, gonna make cornbread soon...and Jayne, we're having that apple crisp for dessert, MMM!! Happy Sunday, all.


  1. I love the new borders. It transents autumn!

  2. Hurray.....finally the unknown pretty mystery bloom has a name! It certainly was growing in abundance this summer!
    Mmmm....was the perfect day for chili!! I might have to make some this week if this weather continues.

  3. Corn bread and chili, sounds perfect. I need to pick up the fixin's;)

    They used to plant that vetch along highways here. A fast spreading groundcover that doesn't require mowing. It does tend to spread into wild places.