Saturday, October 24

A New Sparrow and some Scenery

Yesterday I took a nice long drive through the Hills, to the far-south end to check out a favorite birding spot, Keith Park, along Cascade luck there, but...

Along the way, I drove the Wind Cave loop off of hwy. 385, that takes you to the actual cave entrance, and drove into the campground area, which was deserted except for a flock of chirping sparrows. At a distance I thought they were chipping sparrows...but it turns out they're a 'lifer'...the American Tree Sparrow! They have a gray head and rufus crown and ear patch.

The Cheyenne River runs along at the very SE edge of the Black Hills, through the Wild Horse Sanctuary. This is the view from the bridge that crosses the river on hwy. 71.

I got lucky while driving back home, via the Custer Park wildlife loop...this lone black-billed magpie tolerated me more than magpies usually do, as it chattered from the top of a lone-standing pine.


  1. as usual, thanks for the stroll down memory lane. great header pic. marge

  2. I have a crowd of sparrows and juncos at the feeders today, I'll be checking for the tree sparrows since you discovered they are visiting.

  3. well done on finding the tree sparrows Jann!

    looks like your magpies are much the same as ours.