Tuesday, October 20


I'm posting these photos for you, Andora...this is a recent sunrise as seen from my house. I saw the color outside the bathroom window as I was about to take a shower, so I threw a robe on and took these for you. Now, about those sunrise/sunset photos...I'm simply not up and looking out any window at sunrise, therefore I don't take sunrise photos. And I don't do sunset photos because I'm not out tooling around the Hills at sunset. I dislike driving at night, and as you can see, taking photos of the sky colors from my house means rooftops get in the photos, which I dislike. My friend over at http://www.barbedwireandroses.blogspot.com/ however, takes fabulous sunrise/sunset photos in the Black Hills area, and I highly recommend you check her site out for such photos! :o)

This is from my backyard...it was the poplar tree or rooftops in the way...

This is from the front porch.


  1. Beautiful skies. Always reminds me of a raging wildfire when I see sky that color.

  2. Love those colors...I will check that blog out,I do love sunrise/sunsets..your pics are always so good,I thought maybe you did have some...so thanks for letting me know about the other blog about the black hills..
    Take care Jann...

  3. I can see why you would rush out to take pictures of these fabulous colors..Wow! Wow and Wow! neat!