Saturday, October 31

Mr. (or Ms.) Dark and Ominous

One last photo from my outing on Monday...just down the road from the bighorn sheep, I found this bird of prey on the side of a tree...I did a quick U-turn and got a couple shots when it flew off...I was in mid-curse when it landed on the top of the bare tree and I got more, better photos.  Lucky break! Y'all know how bad I am at ID'ing hawks, but after looking online at photos, it really matches the red-tailed hawk in its dark phase. Anyway, this is my idea of a dark, ominous Halloween post.  Have a fun, safe All Hallow's Eve!


  1. Perfect for Halloween...Bird of prey on a dead looking branch!

  2. Great picture. These black red-tailed hawks are called Harlan's Hawks and are fairly rare. They seem to be more cautious than other red-tails. Great capture.

  3. Wow you really caught a great shot of this is such a thrill to first find the bird and then even more of a thrill to get such good shots of it!!
    Great job!