Wednesday, October 14

Snow Bird and a Dog

I saw many meadow-larks in Custer Park last week, carrying on despite the cold ...they are permanent residents but those living in the northern part of their range tend to move further south in winter.

The black-tailed prairie dogs were still outside their burrows, defending their territory, chattering away...they can hybernate up to six months... they must be confused...

Ok, and just for the heck of it...the first icicles of the season...I saw more hanging off of large rocks too. This is a not-so-natural roof on an outhouse in a picnic area along French Creek. *sheepish grin*


  1. Love the new header. I wish we still had meadow larks in this area. Haven't heard one in many years. The prairie dog is cute.

  2. Don't the birds look much more colourful in the snow Jann!

  3. What a pretty looking bird - very colourful, love the prairie dog too!

  4. I wish I had sharp-tailed grouse to photograph
    or even meadow larks. Love the look of your blog Jann!

  5. Hi Jann

    well you have brought me two new things today, the pretty Meadow lark and the prairie dog...

    and it does look colder..

    Happy days

  6. Your photography is so breath taking. I can't wait to see what is next.

  7. Beautiful shot of the sharptail. They are a beautiful bird with beautiful patterns on their feathers.