Thursday, October 1

Neighboring Plants

It's a very gusty, overcast day with a rain/snowflake mix blowing about...UGH! I'm going to pretend I don't notice...even though I had to go out in it to renew my driver's's some photos I took just two days ago on a very warm day...

These deep red leaves began showing above the back neighbor's six foot fence a few weeks ago, and then I noticed the showy red plume...anyone have a clue what this is?! The stalks are scarlet red like rhubarb...

Update: Thanks Wanda! You're right, it's a castor bean plant! Coool! ;o)

Next-door neighbor Donna's back yard flowers are holding on...looks like summer still, right?!

This is Thursday Thoughts day too...

Marnie, I would love to live in the Coos Bay area or Bandon or...but between the cost and the huz's preferences, not happening...then there's the fog, rain...can't win!

Delwyn, I'd love to see Australia's golden sandy beaches! The west coast in the US has the dark grey sand but Florida has white sand...very interesting how many different colors there are...

Warren, the killdeer breeds in this area, I've seen them during the summer and am looking at the field guide. It's perm. range is all along the west and east coasts and southern states here in the US, esp. in the south.


  1. I believe the tall red flower is a Castor Plant Jann.

  2. Beautiful shots of those flowers..ah I hate to hear that the cold and the wind are starting to show ..I do love Fall but everyone knows what follows!! I guess I will try and not notice it our days get shorter and the nights colder!!