Saturday, October 10

Seven Grouse A-Grousing

I stopped at the info center along the wildlife loop Thurs. in Custer Park, to take a photo of a cottontail rabbit by a fence one quick shot before it skedaddled...then I realized there were several sharp-tailed grouse around the fencing. This one's on top of a stone support post, grousing another grouse on the nearby railing.


  1. Your blog title photo is sure looks like winter the grouse pic..where is the bunny pic you said you took??

  2. Jann, it was so nice to click on your blog and hear your mesmerizing music again, it's been to long...I drank a winter wonderland cappuccino and sat outside at the hospital in 85 degrees yesterday...Love our fall weather, can't believe your in snow....You would always be a welcome addition to Georgia..And I would be the first to sign up for photography lessons....