Thursday, October 8

Autumn Prairie Ranch Land

The 'amber waves of grain' are always so pretty this time of windy as it was yesterday, the drying grasses were really waving...
That's the NE edge of the Black Hills in the background, with patches of snow from Sun./Mon.

A lone cow wandering across the prairie toward the herd. Hills in background aren't the Black Hills or Bear Butte. Just some stray hills.


  1. Looks barren and flat from that angle. I'll bet the winds really sweep across and pile the snow into drifts.

  2. You have amber waves of grain and really wide open spaces to enjoy Jann, will be interesting to see the winter scenes.

  3. Such a vast area..and so lonely looking!! Pennsylvania has a lot of open ground but nothing that looks like this! Neat captures!!

  4. Jann, Great pictures!! . . . stray comment, have you ever described the smell of the green prairie after a fresh rain storm?

  5. Hi Jann

    such a lovely sweep of colour and space...

    Happy days