Friday, October 16

Rest in Peace Mr. Moose

Photo taken by Blake Clark

I hope to get out today and tomorrow to take some the meantime I saw on Yahoo today that the local moose poaching in the Black Hills has reached their list of headliner news stories. We had a wayward young bull moose wandering the area this summer; needless to say most of us were tickled by the rare visitor, even if we never got to see him.

Then came the news that some blankety-blank-blank had shot the poor animal. He was found near-death to make it more heart-breaking. There's a reward out on the poacher's head; chances are we'll never catch the SOB. I think this bears mentioning even though it's a really miserable story. Here's the link to the latest story in our local online newspaper.. Everything is not always hunky-dory in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.


  1. I tend to rant and get very descriptive when I hear about people like that. Better not say to anyhing.

  2. Jann

    This is a very sad story. However, the Black Hills "controlled" killing of mountain lions in numbers determined by counting droppings is not wonderful either!

    Lets hope the $4,415 reward will make the moose killer more visible . . .