Tuesday, October 6

The Up Side of Snow

Seeing the neighbor boy making his first snowman of the season really warmed my heart... I saw him last year too!

I mean, is Mr. Snowman adorable, or what?! I also saw a dad and daughter building a snowman a few houses up the street.

Ok, ask me in a few weeks how cute snow is...it's semi-melted now but snow showers are forecasted for this weekend...
Delwyn, the birds stay warm somehow...insulated within the evergreen trees I would guess...
Warren, I will faithfully feed the birds this winter I promise...already trekked out there in the snow a couple times to freshen food/water.


  1. Good on you Jann! Didn't you build a snowman then. :-)

  2. Your neighborhood snowman beats ours for cute, but one yard on my street has 2.

  3. Don't forget sledding Jann...another up side of snow! I feed the birds all winter too !

  4. I'm sure the word is out that the buffet line starts in your yard!!!

  5. Hi Jann

    I have seen and touched snow on the alps of New Zealand but never made a snowman...and here in Aus...never in my town...
    the little boy is so cute and focused on his plan...

    Happy days

  6. Your weather is headed our way. Rain turning to snow is supposed to get here Sunday. I hope we don't get enough to build a snow man;)

  7. Snow - say it isn't so!!!! I'm not done with my garden chores! :O(