Thursday, October 15

Theme-color Thursday

Some bloggers do a one-color-theme Thursday post each week, but with a different title for it. Since these photos I took on Sept. 8th, the day before I left on my Calif. trip, haven't been blogged yet...and the color chosen for today is pink..voila! Beats more snow photos, huh?! (For now anyway.) The color subjects are supposed to be a variety of interesting things, but y'all are just going to get one subject this time. I took these at the greenhouse at Ft. Meade, which is no longer a fort of course, it's now a Veteran's Administration (VA) hospital and employee housing compound. Many of the original bldgs. still exist...that's a future post...

If you think about it awhile...knowing that I live in South'll be thinking that this flower is a bit out of place. I have never, ever seen a hibiscus growing in anyone's garden here. But it was awesome to see them anyway, safely inside the humid greenhouse.

Pinkish orange? That's my story and I'm sticking to it...had to share the showier hibiscus anyway...this looks like the last hibiscus I saw, a few years ago in Key West...outside of the Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant...where I was enjoying conch chowder, in Dec., in the 87 degree weather...really should be there right now...indefinitely...or at least until June 2010...

This begonia really was this gorgeous deep pink color...

I think this is bougainvillea, according to a web search, since I can't remember what it was marked as at the time I was in the greenhouse.


  1. Jann, these colors are rich and deep and so perfect, but I believe you could photograph a blizzard and make it look spell bounding

  2. Lovely flowers. I like the idea of ignoring the snow and focusing on lovely blooms. Hope you get a nice Indian summer pretty soon--us too.