Monday, October 19

Buffles, Blues, and Black-cappeds

Also seen at Sheridan Lake on Fri. was this female bufflehead, far rt., and I believe the other two are juvies...I was really bummed not to see any males...

Besides the nuthatches and squirrels, I also saw some blue jays near Spring Creek on Fri. Spring Creek runs out of Sheridan Lake, from both ends...
...There were also black-capped chickadees attacking the pine cones, not just the nuthatches and squirrels. (See yesterday's post.)


  1. I've heard pine cones are an important source of food for birds and animals. Here, neither ever touch them. Perhaps because pines are not native to my area and the animals depend on other things.

  2. I think the bluejay is a most beautiful bird,I love to hear them...but I guess the cardinal is my most favorite of all..
    we were wondering if you ever got those shots of sunsets yet???

  3. I love your header Jann, were they as loud as they are pretty?

  4. Beautiful, Jann! I love birds nested in pine trees.