Wednesday, October 21

Paint in the Badlands

This past Saturday, I drove E to Kadoka, then S to Lacreek Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, near Martin, SD. Almost a 3-hour drive. My friend Jayne took me to the NWR back in late May. Ever since, I'd wanted to get back there. Driving just S of Kadoka, Hwy. 73 passes along the eastern-most outskirts of the Badlands, where I saw this pretty paint grazing.
Yep, that's it for today...more to come from Lacreek.

Update: Marnie, there was a red horse in the pasture w/ the paint.


  1. looks like you could spend a week out there and never meet a soul,- ideal!!

  2. He seems to have a large black circle on his shoulder! He's beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful shot!!! it just looks so peaceful out there...

  4. Very handsome horse. Was he all by himself out there?